Krasl Art Festival, Saint Joseph, MI (Booth 151)
Saturday, July 8, Sunday, July 9

State College, Central Penn - Happy Valley, Penn State (Booth M-04)
Thursday, July 14; Friday, July 15; Saturday, July 16; Sunday, July 17
Ann Arbor State Street Art Fair, Ann Arbor, MI (Booth5065)
Thursday, July 20, Friday, July 21, Saturday, July 22, Sunday, July 23

Biltmore Village Arts & Craft Show, Asheville, NC
Saturday August 5, Sunday, August 6
Alexandria Festival of the Arts, Alexandria, VA (Pending)
Saturday, September 16, Sunday, September 17
Saint James Court Art Show, Louisville, KY 
Friday, October 6, Saturday, October 7, Sunday, October 8
Brookhaven Art Show, Brookhaven, GA
Saturday, October 21, Sunday, October 22